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That's where it went! exclaimed Marguerite.
Armand was looking for it everywhere.

What exactly was that object? I said.

It was an eprom he needed for his job.
An eprom is like software on a chip,
Means eraseable something or other.
And Armand was in big trouble with his boss
For a long time after it went missing.
He works for the Nineveh Lottery Corp.
Because of the new coinage coming out
All the slot programs will have to change,
All their denomination validators.
All the paytable and reelstrip listings
Were also to be adjusted in some way.
Whatever happened to it, anyway?

I put it in my pocket and then forgot it.
But my afternoon there was not complete.
Swinging doors to the back were shoved open
And six kitchen slaves emerged with a plate,
Bent over by the great weight that they lugged.
The six bore resemblance, in their progress,
To pallbearers for one corpulent corpse
And pall indeed is what they bore forward,
For on the plate reclined the largest fish
That I, a fisherman, had ever seen.
However, I recognized it instantly,
Even before it raised its head and spake.

So, prophet, it's time again to talk,
Although I note no welcome in your face,
No glad noises welling up your throat.
Did you believe you saw the last of me?
Once an angel is deployed it continues
Until its fatal business is complete.
We're like the war dogs who once unleashed
May not be recalled until all foe
Lay strewn dismembered across the field.
Will the lion roar, concealed in thickets,
Unless the beast has seen, selected prey,
And left behind the stealth that brought it close?
The lion has roared, now what of Jonah?
Are you Godhead's prophet or deaf-mute?
I've come to judge, so speak your defense.

I'm certainly surprised to see you here,
Especially since I ordered a burger.

Godhead is not happy with your progress.
You lag behind in product delivery.
Anticipated fruits are unachieved.
Most of the town should be clothed in sackcloth
And chanting slogans in praise of Godhead
As they labour to increase the commonwealth,
Spending more, working more, sleeping less.
Instead the factory shifts are laid off,
Retail storefronts are dark and empty,
Foreclosures are up, bankruptcies up,
And big ticket item purchases down
As consumer confidence slowly subsides.

Listen, angel, I've been doing my best,
And our plan, our campaign, is still on-track,
And support builds daily by word of mouth.
You should see the mob I have parked outside.
And listen to this, my last masterpiece:
There's a really major coup in the works.
A big celebrity endorsement is planned,
The King Quintus himself, sometime soon,
Though vision here remains a bit vague.
I've been distracted by personal problems,
Some problems with my person, an affliction
That has detached certain parts of my person
From the principal, still ongoing part,
Not to get overly anatomical.
Also, I think my frame may be shrinking.

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